This 133 page manual gives you the power to:

  • Define the 16 Extreme Personality Traits (eight extreme low and eight extreme high)  
  • Describe the Challenges that come with each Extreme Trait - and how those challenges relate to sales positions  
  • Identify Specific Red Flags - to watch out for if you have that extreme trait  
  • Outline Specific Tactics to Stretch this Extreme Trait - so you may benefit from the strengths but not suffer from the blind spots that typically are associated with each extreme trait.

Most of us have extreme areas of our personality. That is what makes each of us unique and different. One way to identify these extremes is to take the CPQ personality assessment. Once taken, you will learn which areas are extreme for you.

Awareness is the first step, and the Stretch to Success Development Manual allows you to take this new knowledge and turn it into Action.  We should celebrate the strengths that come with our extreme personality traits, and we don’t have to be blind to the areas of our personality that need improvement! 

Simply look up your extreme trait and follow the recommendations on how to stretch your personality to reach the highest level of performance.

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